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Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) is the first settlement bank of PHILPaCS for its e-commerce marketplace. Landbank has the widest coverage in the agriculture sector as their mandate is to assist farmers and fisherfolks in the countryside. The partnership with Landbank, which is the official depository bank of the government, allows PHILPaCS to move money to government accounts (National Government agencies and Local Government Units).

eLGU Suite

Works for online and offline LGU service that accepts payments for fees, taxes, licenses, permits, and other LGU charges. By law, all national and government units are mandated to utilize electronic processing like the internet, local area network and online payment facilities to be more efficient in collecting government collections and revenue. The B2B LGU Suite Plus enhances revenue collections for Local Government Units either stand alone and online facilities. The Suite caters 15 of the most used processes of any local government units. Additional systems can be integrated upon request of the LGU. The system currently runs on 3 systems : 1) a stand alone system for those LGUs that have their own system in place and 2) cloud computing for those LGUs that cannot afford to buy stand alone systems 3) hybrid system for those LGUs who wants to have online presence but chooses to hosts the database on their own facility or other chosen facility.

eBilling System

The PhilPaCS eBilling System is a cross-platform cross-technology invoice system for merchants (i.e utility companies) use to send bills and collect payments using electronic payment platforms. Detailed eBills are delivered over the Internet and customers can pay electronically.

eBilling Blast (Email)

The eBilling Blast is an add-on utility of the eBilling system that sends the eBill details to subscribers/ members/ customers directly to their email address. An option of the merchant is the SMS capability of the eBilling Blast.

eBilling Pay

The eBilling Pay is the payment facility of the eBilling System. This can be connected to any electronic payment facility.


An internet-based system provided for free to all government agencies who needs an Internet-based Cashiering System with the capability to issue Electronic Official Receipt (eOR) to citizens who paid their government obligations/taxes/fees/charges online. The system is developed to satisfy BIR and COA legal issuances that payors should have an official receipt, whether electronic or manual, once the payor has made payments.

The EOR solution is integrated with Landbank’s EPP for free use of the EPP’s merchants on a pay per use basis charged to payors. Landbank’s EPP has 75 merchants currently listed with other merchants on the pipeline.

The EOR solution have the following:

  • Landbank Electronic Payment Portal (EPP) connectivity configuration
  • Transaction History Log module
  • eOR Generator
  • Back Office Receipts, Collection and Disbursements System for Online Payment
  • Back Office Accounting System for Online Payment (National Government Accounting System based)
  • eOR Bin Management Module
    • Unused eORs sub-module
    • Used eORs sub-module
  • Audit Module