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Agent Suite

The Agent Suite is an electronic payment interface connected to the electronic system of “brick and mortar” retail service companies (i.e. pawnshops, payment centers, convenience stores, remittance agents) that will serve as access to subscribers/ customers/citizens who are not tech capable to use the online payment systems. The Agent Suite can also be installed in foreign remittance companies maintaining funds at the Landbank Remittance Company. The payment interface is connected to the Landbank ePayment Portal servicing more than 300 merchants (and growing) nationwide.

Agent Suite – Head Office

The Head Office System is the access of the merchant’s main office responsible of enrolling branches and users to the Agent Suite. The system also holds the depository monitoring and maintenance of funds as well as monitoring of all branch remittance nationwide.

Agent Suite – Branch

The Branch System is the system directly handling payments done by the customers at the grassroots level. The system is accessed by enrolled branch and users to facilitate payments of customers. The system has monitoring at the branch level.