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Electronic official receipting is a facility developed to address online receipt issuance for merchants or any institutions offering online services and accepting payments. It was developed to address problems of accepting payments online/real-time from paying customers and but was unable to issue “real-time/online receipt” but instead revert back to issuing manual/paper issuance of their BIR-approved physical official receipts which most likely to be given when a product is received.

This has been a long “wrong” practice of merchants in recent years that this product plans to correct. This platform tends to resolve that by issuing a BIR-process approved facility that enables this product to work as a component for their BIR-approved accounting system (that be CAS, loose-leaf, or manual). It applies issuance of a generated receipting series derived from an ACCN (Acknowledgment Certificate Control Number) issued by BIR for applying post-evaluated system approval via RMC 5-2021 dated December 28, 2020..

This component facility combines that ACCN issued and the hardware number of the PC where this solution is installed and generates a PDF-rendered image of the official receipt electronically with a series emailed by the system to the payor. This serves as an electronic official receipt issued to the payor.


Key Features

Non-resettable e-OR series

Dashboard monitoring and report generation

Secured on-premise solution