We are PhilPaCS

PHILPaCS started with the launch of the B2BPricenow.com website as an eCommerce for Farmers trading hub. In 2000, the company partnered with the Land Bank of the Philippines to conduct a 19-city roadshow training activity to the countryside. The company trained farmers and fisherfolks on the use of ICT software and hardware and promote the benefit of eCommerce as a marketing tool for their produce and services. Through this partnership, the site became the “Official Marketplace of the Philippines for Agriculture and Fisheries Sector” as endorsed by the Congressional Oversight Committee for Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization. The company also received a World Bank Grant through the Development Marketplace – InfoDev competition.

B2Bpricenow.com started with the cooperatives and created an 8-module eCooperative Suite for the use of cooperatives who would want to upgrade their operations through technology. Since the company is in the countryside, the idea of automating local government units (LGUs) came up to provide efficiencies in the collection and disbursements of government funds. The eLGU Suite is comprised of 18 systems divided into Financial, Transactional, and Admin packages

The company shifted its brand name to Philippine Payments and Clearing System (PHILPaCS) as it is more appropriate in offering electronic solutions to its target clients.

In early 2014, PHILPaCS programmed for Landbank the electronic payment portal (ePP) as a central payment hub for Landbank merchants, primarily government agencies – NGAs, LGUs, SUCs, GOCCs, and government-sanctioned utilities (electric cooperatives, water districts). This portal completed the loop for online assessment, processing, and payment for target clients – cooperatives and government agencies, complete with electronic Billing (eBilling) and electronic Official Receipt (eOR)