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A platform to address billing woes of your customer typing the wrong amount on their bills payment details. This is an on-premise thin-client facility provided to all merchants who wishes to extend their billing information to their customers. Customer now has an option to just be informed of their dues or PAY and settle in real-time.

Its a portal channel provided to merchants for their customers billing information with an online payment facility to for immediate real-time settlement.


Check Ur Bills has a user-friendly dashboard that can provide an intuitive and accessible platform for data analysis. Presenting data in a dashboard aids visual learners and empowers team members to analyze data and develop strategic insights.

Cashless Transaction

Helps establish a customer payment habit thru ease of collection and on-the-go payments.

Bills and Payment

Check Ur Bills is more than just a platform where customers can view their bills, get monthly bill notifications and directly pay using bank accounts (debit or credit) and virtual wallets.

Key Features

Audit Trail

Allows the merchant to view the user activities done within the system.

Download Reports

The merchant can download a reports of the paid and unpaid transactions.

View Transactions

The merchant can view all the payment transactions made in the system.

Email Invoice

e-Bills will be emailed to customers once the uploaded billing data is approved.

CSV Uploading

Has a facility for the merchant to upload billing data for the customers to view their bill online.

User Management

Allows the Merchant’s Admin to create and monitor other user accounts.